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4 tablets per pack

CHAOJI MENGNAN Herbal Sex Pills Male Enhancement help prevent premature ejaculation


CHAOJIMENGNAN sex tablet enters very rapidly into the body and take effect only 10-30 minutes. And persists for a very long time in the body with marked effects. Taking one tablet of the components of the raw materials will have the tablet remained in the body for 36-72 hours.

It is mainly effective for male losing libido, short and small penis, dysfunction of an erection and premature ejaculation, no activity of spermatozoon, oligospermia, and other conditions. It will not result in any toxic or side reactions, and there isn't drug addiction.

[specifiactions]: 4 tablets/box. 

[Usage and Dosage]:  30 minutes before intercourse, put it directly into the mouth, chew, and swallow it with water. It tastes slightly sweet and is absorbed very rapidly. The penis will be tumescent, enlarged, and strongly potently erected.

For those with hygienic purposes and no sexual activity, take one tablet daily. No side reactions. It will produce very marked effects just when there are any sexual stimulus, visual, auditory, olfactory or other sense organs, present within 36 to 72 hours, and will never fail.
It succeeds in strengthening the potency of erectile function with hygienic purposes.

 Ingredients Epimedium 50mg, Rhemannia Root 50mg and Deer Root 50mg



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ED, premature ejaculation, poor sperm, sex demand, short penis, lassitude waist and knee, myasthenia of limbs


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