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Effective Pills Lobo Penis Erection Men Enhancer Dick Enhancement Pills To Achieve Orgasm Sex Pills
Works Just Like Le Pepa Negra aka La Pepa Negra
1 pill per pack
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Lobo Penis Erection Pills Men Enhancer Capsules To Achieve Orgasm
Product Description
This product is able to activate the factor of adrenal PDA, adjusts the balance of the whole function of human body rapidly, and can be absorbed rapidly. Its active factor acts on the kidney directly, promotes the cavernosa cells to split swiftly, blood vessel to dilate, blood to flow freely. It can enlarge and thicken the penis, erectile several times and achieve orgasm.

Main ingredients:
Deer whip, yak testicles, rhizoma polygonati, herba cynomorij, turtle shell, angelica, hippocampus etc.
Orientation crowd:
People with short and small penis, genital dysplasia. Quinquagenarian with kidney deficiency, penis atrophy, the male premature ejaculation, hypaphrodisia. People who want to pursue quality of life, incarnate selfperfection, extend the time of Eros.
People who are dissatisfied with their penises and need to grow

Usage: Take the medicine orally, swallow one with warm water before going to bed. (take one within 30-50 minutes before sexual intercourse will have magical effect)

Can not be overanxious for quick results, take excess. After taking the medicine, erectile many times or erectile long time but without ejaculation in sexual intercourse, drink cool boiled water to relieve it. Can not be reused within 24 hours

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