10 Black Gorilla Herbal Sex Pills Male Supplement

Size: 1 bottle/ 10 pills

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Germany black gorilla sex pills for men Male Enhancement 

Availability Men suffering from low immunity, waist sour anf knee soft, praecox ejaculation, impotence, short penis, dizziness, tinnitus, weak constitution, night sweating, frequent urinary, urinary urgency, micturition pain, and prostate disease.
Usage and dosage take orally with warm water, one capsule only before bedtime(with special effect 15-20 miniters before sexual intercourse by taking one capsule).
1. In case of frequent erection or keeping erection without ejaculation occurred after taking. It can avoid by drinking some cold water.
2. It is not allowed take repeatedly within 24 hours.
Specification  10 pills10box*5boxes
Shelf life  3 years
Storage  closed, in a cool, dry place
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