Vivid Natural Penis Enlarger Growth Cream Permanent Results Vividly Natural 2 oz XXXL 8+ Inches

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The active formula of NATURAL VIVID CREAM has been tested to increase penile tissue and increasing ERECTION SIZE by OVER 32%!! 
Studies have proven that new tissue and muscle growth is possible in the penis. 
The average penis size is 4.5 inches. Imagine going from a 4.5 inch penis to a 6.5 inch penis!!
  • MASS
Don't let anyone tell you size doesn't matter. Because it Does ! Along with how you use it :)
You will use this cream and wish you discovered us a LONG LONG TIME AGO ! 
  • Biomanix Results - Increase Penis Size
  • This cream enables you to make your penis bigger through increased blood flow and smooth muscle expansion. The ingredients found in our cream is specifically engineered to work to make your penis bigger and harder permanently.
  • Muscle growth and expansion are controlled by several factors. Skeletal muscles like your biceps and quads achieve growth through progressive overload. Smooth muscles, on the other hand, expand to grow. The penis is made up of smooth muscles, and with unique formula, your smooth muscles will expand and accommodate more blood, thus resulting in a BIGGER, HARDER SO HAVE FUN GENTLEMEN ;)
  • These key ingredients, when combined with our proprietary blend, creates the best penis enlargement formula that easily outshines every other male enhancement product today. Each ingredient is absorbed and utilized to its full potency to give you the biggest and most intense erections you’ve ever had.
 How to use: 
(1.)Shave your pubic hair 
(2.)Get your penis 75%-100% erect 
(3.)Use small amount of the CREAM, then apply directly to penis 
(4.)Then start from the shaft of your penis then rub it all over it until absorb well or use jelging technique. Apply Once in the morning and before going to bed. Apply more if needed 
(5.)Recommended use of 3-4 creams to show results. Results will vary.
Note: the more you apply the more it becomes greater in effectiveness. Avoid scrotum it Also May Become Larger . 

Please Wait 3 hours before intercourse also rinse penile with water no soap

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