CAYENNE 6ml (2xbottle) Aphrodisiac Sex Spanish fly Silver Ruf Libido Drops

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Size: 2 bottles / 1 box


6ml x 2 bottles For more bottles bundle up and Save ! Ideal for women Spanish Fly Sex :)

Cayenne has slight salt taste suggested using it by mixing other nonalcohol beverage 3-4ml each time cause effected after drinking 10-25mins.

  • Cause and enhance sexual
  • Strengthen sensation and exciting
  • Effective within 30 minutes
  • More fulfilling sexual intercourse
  • Lengthen time of upsurge
  • Multiple Orgasms in women
  • Strengthen ability of sexual
CAYENNE was fun and produced by Nixmed Biology USA to resolved the problem of sexual appetite lowly for women. It also a sexual stimulant that increases blood circulation, purifies the system, boosts the immune system and increases your sex drive. Consumption of Cayenne heats up the body and increases blood flow to sensitive areas, including the genitals. Cayenne has slight salt taste suggested using it by mixing other non- alcohol beverage 6ml each time. It will effect after drinking 20-30mins. Taking alcoholic drinks NOT more than 4ml per time
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