Herp Eraser Virus Immune System Support Herbal Plant Extracts Dr Sebi 100% All Natural (60 Capsules) FINALLY BACK!!!


Bundle: 3 month supply


Even if you Don't have herpes this is very good to strengthen your immune system to kill any bacteria if you have a compromised immune system 
100% Natural Herbal Ingredients Please Read ALL..
END HERPES...Too good to be true ?
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Now im sure you've seen tons of herpes treatments or ways to get rid of it. The truth is  YES it is possible to get rid of Herpes ! DO NOT LISTEN TO THE MYTHS that say you cant! HOWEVER IT WILL NOT GO AWAY WITHIN 1-2 MONTHS. WE DO NOT PROMOTE FALSE CLAIMS HERE! THAT IS COMPLETELY IMMORAL! It will take atleast 12 months if you follow the directions below or you can message me and i will help you.
30 Day Supply = 60 Capsules Read Below for more in depth directions 
This is not a overnight result product. Please keep in mind you must use this product and follow the directions below for atleast 12 months in order to see results you want. The timing varies per person for some people I've seen them become negative in 6 months and some people it took up to 18 months. 
100% herbal natural supplement to put an end to Herpes virus.
This mixture is a proprietary mixture of natural herbs that first suppresses then kills the virus. The potent medicine is also an anti bacterial that will kill numerous std that were caused from bacterial infections which is very very common. Such as HSV type 1 and 2, Genital, Shingles and Oral Herpes.
You can take 2 capsule a day however we suggest along with numerous clients that seen a vast difference took 3-4 capsules a day. 
Take the capsules preferably before a meal any time of the day it does not matter. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST TO STAY AWAY FROM LARGE AMOUNTS OF SUGAR AND ALCOHOL! Because the herpes virus feeds off of sugars and makes it stronger so it will defeat the purpose if you do. So please ladies and gents be discipline you will not regret it ! 
We encourage questions whether you purchase or not we are here to help !
When you purchase and see results please message me your results or leave feedback !
Thank You
 All Natural Ingredients Viento, Bio-Ferro and Chelation 2, oleuropein, olive leaf extract and a mixture of more natural herbs 

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