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(1) Tube 2.54 oz.  
As we age our skin begins to lose its once youthful appearance. Collagen begins to deplete and in turn you’re left with wrinkles and fine lines. Loss of firmness is also an issue. Although we can’t control the aging­clock, we can control the way our skin looks!

LifeCell is a hydrating and lightweight all­ in one anti-­aging treatment designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The product is packed with some of the most renowned anti-aging ingredients on the market.
DMAE, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C have received nothing but rave reviews by both consumers and skin care professionals. We made sure to include all four of these ingredients in our anti­aging essential.
The anti­aging formulation of LifeCell delivers results you can instantly see within seconds of application. With help from micro­fillers and the incorporation of light­reflecting microtechnology to smooth and virtually eliminate the look of fine lines right before your eyes, while also mitigating the look of skin discolorations.
Fragrance & Paraben Free.
Dermatologist tested. Suitable for all skin types.



Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How does LifeCell work?
A. LifeCell is an all-in-one quick-absorbing, bio-functional topical formula that reduces the appearances of wrinkles, lines, crow's feet, dark-circles, age-spots, puffy eyes, frown lines, sagging skin, and "feather" lips.
Why? Because it's loaded with antioxidants, water-binding agents, hydrators, elasticizers, skin-firming agents and anti-irritants. A staggering amount of scientific research has proven without a shadow of doubt that these anti-aging ingredients are extremely beneficial to reduce the tell-tale signs of facial-aging. So, once you start applying LifeCell - you'll notice the difference in your skin.
Q. How do I apply LifeCell?
A. To activate LifeCell and release its key ingredients, warm a small amount between your fingertips. As you apply onto clean, dry skin, you will instantly feel the soothing effect of LifeCell. Smooth over face, fragile under-eye area, lips, neck and dcollet starting at the hairline, working down the neck, then dcollet then up behind the ears. Apply day and night for a lifetime. LifeCell penetrates immediately, leaving your skin youthful, smooth and silky.
Q. How much LifeCell do I need to use?
A. LifeCell is a concentrated formula. Use it sparingly. Topically, you only need a small amount equal to the size of a dime to cover the facial area. The amount may vary depending on the areas you are covering and your individual needs.
Q. How do I use LifeCell underneath my eyes?
A. Using the ring finger or pinkey - dot LifeCell along the edge of the orbital bone - the bone directly under the eye. Two dots of LifeCell should be sufficient to cover the area. Gently pat (do not rub!) the cream into the skin - staying around the edge of the bone. Do not get closer! LifeCell, once absorbed into the skin, will spread. 
Warning! If LifeCell is applied too close to the eyelid - the cream will reach the delicate areas of the lashline and increase the risk of swelling and irritation. DO NOT apply LifeCell directly on the eyelid.
Q. When will I begin to see results?
A. You'll first see results in as little as 60 seconds. Here's what we mean: Put a little LifeCell on your fingertips and gently rub it onto ONLY ONE SIDE of your face. Wait about 60-seconds and then look at yourself in your mirror. What you see will be utterly amazing! (To understand exactly why this happens, read the paragraph that starts with, "Bye-Bye Wrinkles Instantly?")
Then, from that point onwards in as little as 28 days LifeCell's proprietary compounds will produce a visible reduction in the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age-spots, puffy eyes, under-eye dark circles, and "feather" lips. For best results we recommend you use it twice a day.
Q. Will LifeCell help with old wrinkles and other signs of aging?
A. Absolutely! Let's explain this through an analogy. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago... the next best time is today. So if your skin's been abused, and you haven't done anything about it for a while... do it now! LifeCell can help, no matter how long you've had wrinkles - whether it's been ten days or ten years.
Q. Can I use LifeCell with other skincare products?
A. LifeCell can be used with virtually all other facial products. We suggest you test any combination of skincare products on the inside of your forearm before applying it to your face. Of course, if you are using a prescription skincare product we suggest you consult your physician. Remember, always apply LifeCell first, then if needed, you may apply a sunblock on top of LifeCell.
Q. LifeCell is an all-in-one anti-aging, topical treatment. How come it doesn't contain SPF?
Sun protection is important to prevent the premature aging of the skin. UV rays create free radicals that can cause cell mutation (read: cancer) and antioxidants eat up free radicals. LifeCell contains some of the most potent antioxidants known to science. But, when SPF and antioxidants are combined in one product, the positive effects of antioxidants can be cancelled out by the chemicals in SPF. Therefore, we recommend, first applying LifeCell, and then applying a sunscreen (that contains zinc oxide or titanium oxide) to your face. That way you'll really benefit from antioxidants and SPF.
Q. Why does LifeCell come in a squeeze tube instead of a jar or a pump dispenser?
A. Our research department went beyond most, by testing almost every container known to science. We found that jars used by most manufactures have a slight flaw. As soon as you open up the jar, because of the large surface area of exposure, the cream gets oxidized. And it does you no good to apply something on your face that has dead (oxidized) ingredients that have lost all their potency!
A pump disperser although a slight improvement on the jar, still has a flaw. A lot of the cream gets wasted and stays within the tube because of the way the pump apparatus works. So although the label on top might say 2.54 ounces... what you really end up being able to use is a lot less. Besides, most pumps get stuck from time to time, making it aggravating to the user to dispense the cream.
A squeeze tube on the other hand is the perfect container. Because of the small opening on the tube, the cream doesn't get oxidized. You benefit from the first drop to the last and you will see the results as soon as LifeCell is applied to your skin.