Charcoal Toothpaste Natural Teeth Whitening Remove Stains


Size: 1 tube


We don't like to give false claims unlike 99% of other products. However this toothpaste we can assure you, You will see results if you follow these directions:
1. Brush 2-3 times a day
2. DO NOT DRINK coffee, soda, juices without a straw
3. Drink lots of water
4. Let me know your results and please take the time to leave a review because we genuinely care about each and every review.
Designed from bamboo charcoal and other all-natural ingredients whose benefits for the oral environment has been well acknowledged, this product delivers quality results risk-free. WE USE ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS.

Ditch all those messy concoctions and use a teeth whitening solution that has no sulfate, no fluoride, no artificial colors or chemicals, and 100% safe for use by adults.

Brand New whitening paste is a comprehensive solution for bad breath, dental plaque, oral ulcers and more

This  toothpaste is highly effective for removing dental stains, whitening teeth, killing oral inflammation, treating oral ulcers and bleeding gums, and keeping all common oral diseases at bay.

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